Potty Training Fun

Oh how potty training is so much fun! ... Said no one ever.

Carter has just turned 2 last month and we have started potty training about 2 weeks ago. So far it has been pretty interesting but also successful for the most part. Unlike a lot of moms who have told me their potty training adventures with boys,  I decided to teach Carter to stand when he pees. Instead of doing pull ups all of the time, I started buying regular underwear put him in those while at home. Since I am a stay at home mom it made this part a lot easier. He did not enjoy peeing in his underwear! Because of this, he started to tell me when he had to pee within a day. The first couple times standing at the toilet was pretty traumatic for the both of us to be honest. Eventually we got it down though, with a little guidance from my husband. Obviously I cannot show him how to do it myself..

Once he saw how fun it was to pee in the toilet like his daddy, that part got a lot easier. He will pee just about anywhere! He wil…

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