Polyhydramnios Cure? Vitamin D!?

6/22/19 Currently I am 30 Weeks and 2 Days pregnant. I went to my last midwife appointment on the 18th of June and my uterus was measuring about 31.5 weeks from my pelvic bone to the top of the uterus. I have measured a little big since the beginning of my pregnancy and my midwifes just chalked it up to me being a small person. Well this time my midwife just wanted to do an ultra sound growth check to make sure my baby girl was the right size and not too big. We scheduled the ultra sound for the following day and she was normal size for the most part. But nothing too concerning to them except for my amniotic fluid. Now apparently the normal range is 6-24cm - it is such a big range because everybody is different and they don't get concerned unless you go above or below this range. I am measuring a little over 25 so they are slightly concerned but are just going to do an ultra sound every 2 weeks to keep an eye on it. My midwife told me that there is no cure for it so far but

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